Glenn Zucman in a blonde wig

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best Wishes in 2017!! Have a wonderful holiday season and…

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selfie of Glenn Zucman in a pink-peach blazer and with a black Mondo Guerrera scarf

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2U!

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family members sitting around a large table and playing dominoes

Big Action @Thanksgiving’16 Dominoes Table

Emmy, Maxton, Jason & Vic playing dominoes

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Scott Sinclair’s last day

Kevin dressed up as Scott – Circa 1991 – goodbye…

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Tiki & Dasha in the terminal at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles

Tiki Tiki & Dasha Dasha

hangin out at Union Station

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photo of Kevin & Charlotte inside a car

Kevin & Charlotte

driving to the DEAD 25-year Reunion Party @ Chris &…

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Photo of Daniel & Denise inside a car

Daniel & Denise

on their way to the DEAD Reunion @ Chris &…

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Katie Rispoli & Heidi-Marlene Schuster in CSULB FO4-267

Katie & Heidi & The Fiber Art Social Network

Katie Rispoli & Heidi-Marlene Schuster in my office, CSULB FO4-267,…

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polaroid photos of people sitting at drafting tables

Trailer Trash

Steve Nelson, Will Sturrock, Artie Contreras, not sure, not sure,…

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college of people from the Disneyland Entertainment Art Department, Olive Street Facility, circa 1990

D.E.A.D. @Olive

Collage of Olive Street, and other D.E.A.D. Peeps, circa 1990,…

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Disneyland Entertainment Art Department peeps in a big crowd wishing Denise Rutledge Brown farewell

Denise Rutledge Brown’s goodbye party

The Disneyland Entertainment Art Department sends Denise Rutledge Brown off…

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Yaarah & Leo


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portrait of Fritzie Canas-Perez with a big, big smile!

Cousin Fritzie gets a new profile pix!

... and WINS the smile competition!

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Cousin Yarrah wearing eyeliner

Yaarah’s Eyeliner Tutorial

So easy!

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3 people bathed in a fuchsia glow

Yaarah in a cool fuchsia light


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3 women standing

Blonde Yaarah w some prego lady

Cousin Yaaaaaarrrah!!!

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Yaarah goes to Downtown Disney

I feel it's important for me to add Yaarah FB…

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Rebecca & Kamal @Venice Pride

Rebecca & Kamal

Rebecca & Kamal @Venice Pride

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Tiki the chihuahua and Glenn the human sit on the patio in Monterey Park, Ca

Tiki ‘n Glenn

@ Mom's Pool Party!

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Art110 students making plaster castings of their hands and feet at the Seal Beach Pier, Seal Beach, CA

Plaster Casting @Seal Beach Pier

Art110 students making plaster castings of their hands and feet…

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Glenn Zucman standing in front of a huge American flag

Newport Aquatic Center

Happy Summer!

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Glenn Zucman in a white suit and against an orange wall

Orange Wall

it really is

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Tamara Williams, Danielle Moran & Iona, lounging & enjoying the view from the Curaçao Beach room at the Runaway University Los Angeles Dorms & Dining Facilities.

The View from Curacao Beach

Tamara Williams, Danielle Moran & Iona, lounging & enjoying the…

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Glenn Zucman, Sarah Weber, Paulina Smigalski, Tamara Williams, Fede Rodriguez Quijano & Christoph Heck admire Paulina's ponytail!

Paulina’s Pony Tail

Glenn Zucman, Sarah Weber, Paulina Smigalski, Tamara Williams, Fede Rodriguez…

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RULA Students posing with "the center of the universe"

Center of the Universe?

There's a mysterious object about half a block away from…

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Fede R. Quijano, Iona Murphy, Kamal Kc, Sarah Weber & Rebecca Nguyen. With parts of Danielle Moran, Christoph Heck & Paulina Smigalski

Scottish Independence!

Fede R. Quijano, Iona Murphy, Kamal Kc, Sarah Weber &…

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Ada & Joey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia demonstrating how to pronounce English vowels.

Ada & Joey on Vowels

Ada & Joey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia demonstrating how to…

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My former student Dan Tam Pham on election day. (DT is the only student I know to drop out of CSULB for a higher calling!)

Election Day

My former student Dan Tam Pham on election day. (DT…

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Dioptra GPS / XYZ Compass image of people ordering at a Dominoes Pizza window

Dominoes Pizza

Dharma, Ocean & Puja from Nepal wait, as Sarah from…

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gravestone at North 34.041588, West 118.100613

Jose Guerrero Perez & Josephine Mendoza Perez (Bernadette Jacquez)

Mom and I took flowers to grandma and grandpa today.

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photo of Tiki, a brown chihuahua



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young Ashley Rose Taylor in a swimming pool with a swimsuit and a life jacket

Ashley Rose Taylor (“ART”)

Ashley Rose Taylor in the 1st pool party of 2016…

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Chanielle & Dominic diving to adventure at a pool party at mom's!

Chanielle & Dominic

Chanielle & Dominic diving to adventure at a pool party…

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Marta Troya & Glenn Zucman smiling and holding a cake

Marta’s 21st Birthday Party!

Marta Troya's 21st Birthday Party! 8 April '16

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Art Care Package (ACP) filled with postcards, paint chips, and other delights, all fitting in a large envelope

Care Package from Aunt Renie ’14

There's nothing better than receiving an Art Care Package (ACP)…

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Mother, child, and grandfather on green, green grass and surrounded by white geese

Zucmanski ’57

The Zucmanski family from somewhere in Poland. Or Germany. Or…

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Headshot of Glenn Zucman

It’s Me!

Chillin @RULA!

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6 people standing together on the porch at night

Kevin & Christie’s Wedding ’08

Mike, Dany, Terri, Mark, Christie, Kevin on Aunt Betty's porch,…

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Glenn Zucman & Aik Yin Chien in front of a large world map

Aik Yin Chien

Aik Yin Chien & the University of Utah UGRAG gang…

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4 people sitting on the steps in front of the AS building at CSULB

Margaret from Hong Kong ’12

Margaret (Yin Yung) Chung, exchange student from Hong Kong, hanging…

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Glenn Zucman & Janielle Reiss in the CSULB University Theater. They are at the edge of the stage and smiling at the camera.

Janielle Reiss ’12

Hangin out with Janielle Reiss at the University Theater.

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3 people with sunglasses smiling and standing in a crowd in Chinatown in Los Angeles

Firecracker 10k ’08

Firecracker 10k run with Stacey & Raul, 2008.

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Students on stage in the CSULB University Theater wearing Hildegard von Bingen t-shirts of their own design

Hildegard von Bingen Tshirt Day ’07

Aww, remember the painted t-shirts? :)

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Ryan Ford with an umbrella seeming to fly off a wall at The Getty Center in Westwood

Ryan Ford ’07

Art110 superstar Ryan Ford in flight @Getty Center. Photo by…

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Leee Hockenberry leaning on a bridge railing

Leee Hockenberry ’07

Leee Hockenberry @Mammoth, '07, the year Adrian's car blew up!

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Clothing Poster

SUO ’06

Everybody shops @SUO!

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Poster for event

Strange Angels LIVE ’07

New musicians Univac, Madeline Puckette & Marc Nimoy live on…

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Alan, Wendy, Joanne @ Anime Expo '07, Long Beach Convention Center

Anime Expo ’07

Alan, Wendy & Joanne hanging out with the Cosplayers at…

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4 children in a vintage sepia toned photograph. Jose Guerrero Perez is 8 months old and is sitting on the ground in the center.

Jose Guerrero Perez, 1900

Jose Guerrero Perez at 8 months old in 1900.

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Scan of vintage portrait from 1904 with image of writing on the back

Magdalena Gomez Covian, 1904

Great grandma! My mother's father's mom. Age 44 in 1904.

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"A" Magazine unfolded and spread across a tabletop with many magazine inserts scattered around the photo

“A” Magazine, Jan ’92 Issue

Disneyland Entertainment Art Department's in-house magazine, "A". January '92 issue.

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Disneyland Entertainment Art Department, "DEAD" 1989 Canoe Team posing for a photo. Wendy Freeland, Disneyland Ambassador to the World sits in the middle. Everyone else wears t-shirts with giant halftone dot photos of Wendy in red, blue, or black

Schmooze & Destroy ’89

Disneyland Entertainment Art Department's Viking Dragon Boat comes to The…

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4 Disney Employees stand in a line at the Disneyland / Walt Disney World booth at the Radio-Television News Director's Association annual conference. Jennifer in a red suit, Barbara in an orange suit, Johanna in a green suit, and Glenn in a blue suit

RTNDA 1991

ABC News boasted about their "Air Supremacy", so we offered…

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Yarrah Cruz wearing a big hat that completely covers her eyes

Yaarah Cruz

Cousin Yaarah in a big hat.

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